Meet Peep

What is Peep?

Peep is the world’s first smart incubation assistant and hatch analyzer. It measure temperature, humidity, elevation and air quality, and logs them online to your Hatchtrack account to provide you with valuable help for your egg hatching!

It was developed by Michael, the founder of Hatchtrack, in order to help understand how his incubators were working and to collect data to analyze for each hatch as works to preserve Pavlovskaya chickens. It works alongside the Hatchtrack mobile apps to provide important notifications, insight, and statistics about your hatches – as well as provide information on better hatching practices for rare and hard-to-hatch eggs. It connects to your home’s WiFi network, and is controlled almost entirely through a mobile app!

How does Peep work?

It sits in your incubator along with your eggs to monitor conditions – that’s why it looks like an egg! It tracks information, like temperature and humidity, and logs it to your Hatchtrack account. If there’s something you should be worried about (like a dangerously high temperatures or chronically low humidity), Peep will send you a notification so you can quickly take care of it, keeping your eggs safe.

Since Peep connects and sends data to your Hatchtrack account, you’re able to check out your incubator conditions from anywhere your mobile device has service. No more worrying about your eggs while you’re away at work or play!

It’s battery powered, and can last several month on a charge – enough to get through multiple hatches. We’ve made Peep easy to set up and configure using the mobile app – you don’t need to be a tech wizard to use this smart hatching assistant!

The Hatchtrack app also offers all sorts of helpful reminders and how-to guides. Learn about egg turning, candling, weighing, and why going into lockdown at the end of a hatch is important!

When can I get it?

Peep is about to be released to early testers who will help validate that Peep and the Hatchtrack app are working properly. We’re working on retail release in fall 2019 – right at the end of hatch season, but ready for hatch season 2020! You’ll be able to purchase Peep directly through our store, or through a network of distributors, both online and retail.