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Our Mission: Better Egg Incubation

We're here to empower the backyard poultry keeper to hatch more chicks and raiser healthier birds.

Incubation Guides
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Learn how to incubate. Guides, tips, and tutorials for all levels of expertise. Resources for everyone – from complete beginners to latest research 

Discuss, ask questions, and have fun with poultry keepers throughout the world!


Buy and sell hatching eggs from NPIP certified breeders. Trade chicks and poultry with locals. Buy directly from breeders who keep high quality, healthy poultry!

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About Us

We're backyard poultry keepers and small rescue farmers

Michael Anfang

Michael combined his background of electrical engineering with his love for chickens to develop and build Peep and Hatchtrack. He is working to help reestablish the Pavlovskaya breed of chickens.


Meghan Hindi Anfang

Meghan runs the farm and the family with Michael. She is a birth advocate and  empowers women to find their voice and healing in their lives. She has helped build Hatchtrack with Michael (even though she’s more of a horse girl!)


Waffles is the rooster least-in-charge. As a bantam,  he suffers from small-man syndrome. He is active in defending and protecting the old hens and young chicks from dangers he mostly creates in his own rooster mind.


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