Update for Indiegogo supporters – July 2019

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Hello early Hatchtrack supporters!

I hate to bring anything other than great news, but I want to make sure everyone is up to date on what is happening.

We’re a little over a year past the Indiegogo campaign where you showed your early support for Hatchtrack. I’m incredibly grateful for everyone who did! Hatchtrack has been my dream for awhile now, and I’ve been working on it while supporting myself and my family with other work on the side for some time now, as well as the help of some other engineers who have volunteered their time and expertise to help me with this! It’s difficult and expensive to bring this kind of product to market without the support of a large, traditional company, but I know we’ll be able to make it happen!

We recently hit another unfortunate delay when the developer working on our mobile app left for an opportunity with another company. He did a great job building out an app for us, but it’s not quite yet finished. I am working on finding another developer to work on this, and until I do that, I’m not able to provide an estimated ship date for Peeps.

I have two Peeps currently being tested in my incubator with a prototype app, so I know the product itself is in good shape and ready for testing – however, without a full app to control it and receive notifications, it’s not ready to go out to testers!

Since we’re already 6 month past my desired delivery date, and I know your money is valuable to you, I want to offer anyone who requests it a full refund. Please contact me at michael@hatchtrack.com, and I will send you a refund within the next 2 weeks.

If you choose not to receive a refund, you will receive, as soon as I am able to, your test prototype, and another retail Peep after the rounds of testing are done.

Again, I apologize wholeheartedly and sincerely for the delays, am working hard to get this product finished, and I know your money is valuable to you!

Thanks again for your support,

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